Saturday, August 15

Robert Seydel: The Eye in Matter

From Book of Ruth
"The art of Robert Seydel (1960–2011) is a rare hybrid species of the visual and literary that dissolves boundaries between the lyrical and the narrative and the acts of reading and looking. In a body of work marked by an unrelenting sense of play, Seydel collapses the historical past with the notated, emotional present and mingles actual personages with fictional characters. Much of his work is made under the auspices of various personas in place of the singular first person perspective. Beginning in 2000, Seydel created this series of works using the alter ego Ruth Greisman, a resident of Queens, New York, who was inspired by his aunt of the same name. 'Robert Seydel: The Eye in Matter' features a definitive selection from this fictional archive with a selection of Ruth’s 'journal pages' and almost one hundred collages (many previously unpublished and unexhibited), and Seydel’s notebooks, open to pages that reveal glimpses of the process of making this visionary body of work. ..."
Queens Museum
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