Friday, August 14

Raymond Roussel - Galerie Buchholz

"Galerie Buchholz is pleased to announce the opening of its New York gallery with an inaugural exhibition on Raymond Roussel. Raymond Roussel (1877-1933), the author of La Doublure (1897), La Vue (1904), Impressions d’Afrique (1909) and Locus Solus (1913), is still one of the least-known and most mysterious writers of the 20th century, despite the fact that his profound and often subterranean influence spread far among the literary and artistic avant-gardes of the 20th century. In the ten works he published during his lifetime—poems, novels in verse, narratives or plays—he made supreme efforts to create a world from scratch where 'imagination is everything', with nothing real to get in the way of the writing. ..."
Daniel Buchholz Opens in New York, Celebrating the Elusive Raymond Roussel
Galerie Buchholz

2009 September: Raymond Roussel, 2012 January: The Tropological Space of Locus Solus