Monday, August 10

Neue Deutsche Welle

Fehlfarben - 33 Tage in Ketten (1981)
Wikipedia - "Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW 'New German Wave') is a genre of German music originally derived from punk rock and new wave music. The term 'Neue Deutsche Welle' was first used in a record shop advertisement by Burkhardt Seiler in the German magazine Sounds in August 1979, and then coined by journalist Alfred Hilsberg whose article about the movement titled 'Neue Deutsche Welle — Aus grauer Städte Mauern' ('New German Wave — From Grey Cities' Walls') was published in Sounds in October 1979. The history of the Neue Deutsche Welle consists of two major parts. From its beginnings to 1981, the Neue Deutsche Welle was mostly an underground movement with roots in British punk and new wave music; it quickly developed into an original and distinct style, influenced in no small part by the different sound and rhythm of the German language which many of the bands had adapted from early on. ..."
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vimeo: Neue deutsche welle (80's german new wave) video mix
Soundcloud: Neue Deutsche Welle Mix
YouTube: Grauzone - Eisbaer, Kraftwerk - Das Model, Fehlfarben - Ein Jahr (es geht voran), DAF - Der Mussolini, Falco - Der Kommissar, Tone Band - Germany Calling (1982), Front 242 - Headhunter, WELTKLANG - VORWAERTS

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