Sunday, August 30

"Meditations On Integration" - Filmed in Belgium on April 19 1964.

"'Meditations on Integration,' which is properly titled 'Praying with Eric' (or 'Meditations (For a Pair of Wirecutters)', is an extended work by Charles Mingus premiered at a Town Hall concert on April 4, 1964. It is his musical interpretation of the history of the American Negro, from the terror and despair of traveling on board the cramped, filthy and life threatening slave ships, to the degrading conditions of slavery itself, the joy of emancipation, and the struggle for civil rights through the turbulent early 1960s. Because Mingus was recorded in concert on numerous occasions during his European tour later that same month, many different versions exist. The piece begins ominously with dark blasts from trumpeter Johnny Coles and tenor saxophonist Clifford Jordan, accompanying Eric Dolphy's forlorn sounding flute and Mingus' mournful arco bass, driven by Dannie Richmond's drums. ..."
Open Culture: Classic Charles Mingus Performance on Belgian Television, 1964 (Video)
YouTube: Meditations On Integration (Eric Dolphy on Bass Clarinet and Flute)

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