Sunday, August 9

Larry Williams - "Slow Down" / "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" (1958)

"'Slow Down' is a 24-bar blues written and performed by Larry Williams. Released as a single in 1958, it was a rhythm and blues hit that influenced the growing Rock & Roll movement of the time. It was released as a 7" single (45RPM). The A-Side was 'Dizzy Miss Lizzy' and the B-Side was 'Slow Down.' ...
Well, come on pretty baby, won't you walk with me? / Come on, pretty baby, won't you talk with me? / Come on pretty baby, give me one more chance / Try to save our romance // Slow down / Baby, now you're moving way too fast / You gotta gimme little loving gimme little loving / Ow! If you want our love to last"
YouTube: Slow Down, Dizzy Miss Lizzy