Thursday, August 6

David Borden - Music For Amplified Keyboard Instruments (1981)

"While working at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. during the late '60s, composer David Borden met Robert Moog, who was then refining his first commercial voltage-controlled synthesizer, what we would now refer to simply as a Moog. Freshly returned from a stint as a Fulbright student in West Berlin, Borden had an open mind toward new ideas in music but knew very little about synthesizers, which were then fairly bulky and esoteric. According to the composer, this made him an ideal test subject for Moog, who allowed Borden to experiment with his prototypes as a way to proof the designs for regular consumers. Not long after, Borden would found Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company, a keyboard trio that performed works by then-emerging composers like Terry Riley, Robert Ashley, and Steve Reich. ..."
Spectrum Spools
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