Wednesday, July 1

Social Isolation, Isaac Cordal, and Neighbors (Sasiedzi) in Łódź

"Berlin-based Spanish sculptor and street artist / public artist Isaac Cordal has just completed another poignant installation that speaks volumes to viewers, if they look up from their phones as they walk past. His sad little men are customarily detached from a sense of hope, now stranded out on verandas that are attached to a bland, beige stucco wall. Many are mounted together at once, yet the effect is one of isolation, individuals banished to a vast disconnect. 'SĄSIEDZI' means 'neighbors' in Polish, a name he chose for this installation for the, Łódź 4 Culture Festival in June. ..."
Brooklyn Street Art
Isolation in the City, by Isaac Cordal
“SĄSIEDZI”, Trauguta 10. Lodz, Poland. June 2015.