Tuesday, July 21

Procol Harum - A Salty Dog (1969)

"This album, the group's third, was where they showed just how far their talents extended across the musical landscape, from blues to R&B to classical rock. In contrast to their hastily recorded debut, or its successor, done to stretch their performance and composition range, A Salty Dog was recorded in a reasonable amount of time, giving the band a chance to fully develop their ideas. The title track is one of the finest songs ever to come from Procol Harum and one of the best pieces of progressive rock ever heard, and a very succinct example at that at under five minutes running time -- the lyric and the music combine to form a perfect mood piece, and the performance is bold and subtle at once, in the playing and the singing, respectively. ..."
W - A Salty Dog
YouTube: A Salty Dog (Live), Pilgrim's Progress / Quite Rightly So / Magdalene, The Devil Came From Kansas, Still There'll Be More
YouTube: A Salty Dog [Full album, 1969]

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