Friday, July 10

Pet Shop Boys - Thursday EP (2014)

"A second 'Thursday' digital EP will also be released on November 4th, alongside the original digital EP and CD singles. This new digital EP features remixes by Eddie Amador and Mindskap. The CD single and the first digital EP include the radio edit of 'Thursday', two brand new tracks - 'Odd man out' and 'No more ballads' - and a remix of 'Thursday' by the German producer and DJ, Tensnake. All three of these formats can now be pre-ordered at the links below. You can also view the music video, filmed in Shanghai, on VEVO."
Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys release ‘Thursday’ B-sides ‘No More Ballads’ and ‘Odd Man Out’. (Video)
Soundcloud: Thursday - Tensnake Remix
YouTube: Thursday ft. Example [Official Music Video], No More Ballads, No more ballads

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