Sunday, July 12

Nas presents the Real Hip-Hop – video

"Rapper Nasir 'Nas' Jones and director Adam Sjoberg take us on a world tour of breakdancing in the most unexpected places, as we visit the slums, shanty towns and ghettos of the world, where hip-hop really means something. With jaw-dropping breakdancing moves, b-boys and b-girls in Uganda, Yemen, Cambodia and Colombia give us an inspiring tribute to the uplifting power of music and movement"
Guardian (Video)
Nas Presents A Documentary About Hip-Hop’s Impact In Uganda, Yemen And Other Countries (Video)
Nas-Produced 'Shake the Dust' Shines Light on Global B-Boys (Video)
Shake The Dust (Video)
W - Nas
vimeo: The SlumGods of Mumbai: hope, hip-hop and the Dharavi way | Guardian Docs