Thursday, June 25

Tom Johnson - The Voice of New Music: New York City 1972–1982

"The emergence of new music in New York City was 'followed closely by Tom Johnson in his weekly columns in the Village Voice. In some cases, especially in the early 70's when the music was still largely unknown, his articles were the only published reports of events and premiers that are now of historical importance.' This music's 'evolution in New York lofts was more complicated, and involved far more people, than is generally understood today.' These articles put the whole story back together. Johnson was a long-time admirer of his teacher, Morton Feldman, and of John Cage, who might be considered the patron saints of the movement, but he focussed his critical attention on the new forms of music evolving among composers of his own generation such as Philip Corner, Alvin Lucier, Charlie Morrow, Phill Niblock, Pauline Oliveros, Charlemagne Palestine, Steve Reich, Frederic Rzewski, and many others. And sometimes his style of writing was as innovative as the music. - Theseus"
The Voice of New Music: New York City 1972–1982
[PDF] The Voice of New Music - Editions 75
Soundcloud: The Voice of New Music by Tom Johnson (for Matt Hinkley)

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