Saturday, June 13

The Sketchbook Project Presents Online 17,000 Sketchbooks, Created by Artists from 135 Countries

"If you love something give it away. If it doesn’t come back to you, it was never really yours… Or, it’s a labor of love you created under the auspices of the Brooklyn Art Library, with the full knowledge that giving it away is a cost of participation. Every year, thousands of artists, from the experienced to the fledgling, pay a nominal fee to fill a 5×7 sketchbook with a custom barcode. Upon completion, the books are to be mailed back to the one room Art Library, to become part of the permanent collection, currently over 34,000 volumes strong (17,000 of which appear online). Visitors receive free library cards that allow them to view as many volumes as they like in-house, three at a time. Artists willing to cough up a slightly more substantial fee can have their book digitized for online viewing at The Sketchbook Project. ..."
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The Sketchbook Project
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