Saturday, June 20

The "Blonde On Blonde" Missing Pictures

"This page shows the pictures on the gatefold sleeve of the vinyl release of 1966’s Blonde On Blonde that have not made it into the regular CD insert (the artwork for the gold CD is different as shown below). If you know who any of these people are, please contact me or make a posting to my Facebook page. The inside layout was revised in the USA from 1968 onwards to remove the picture of Claudia Cardinale, but printings outside the USA preserved the original layout. Both the 2002 re-release of the US mono mix of Blonde On Blonde by Sundazed and the 2010 re-release of the mono set by Columbia/Legacy/Sony Music use the 7-photo picture shown above, they have not managed to get permission to reproduce the original sleeve. For more details see International Mono Releases. ..."
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Missing Blonde on Blonde Photographs
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Part II - The Versions in Detail

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