Sunday, June 21


"SNUB TV – the creative partnership of Brenda Kelly and Peter Fowler – burst onto TV screens via Janet Street-Porter’s BBC 2 DEF II slot in 1989. It was not ‘youth TV’ but it had the attitude, confidence and style of the blossoming independent label scene of the late ‘80s. These were the days that saw the first indie stars begin to have crossover radio hits: The Smiths, New Order, Depeche Mode. But where could you hear this music outside John Peel’s R1 show? It wasn’t easy. TV and radio had no place for new music – even giants like New Order were ignored. MTV wanted glossy, high-end videos – a financial and aesthetic anathema to most left field music of the day. There was nothing represented the vibrancy, eclecticism and artiness of the music scene that was thriving out of the limelight. SNUB was going to change that. ..."
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