Thursday, June 18

Leon Bridges

Wikipedia - "Leon Bridges is an American gospel and soul singer from Fort Worth, Texas. ... Bridges began writing and performing 1950s and '60s-style soul music that was described by Austin 360 as 'a transmission straight from the heart.' He began to attract followers and his break into the music industry has been attributed to a run-in he had at a bar with White Denim guitarist Austin Jenkins. The duo discussed clothing and a few weeks later Jenkins and his bandmate Joshua Block ran into Bridges during a performance in north Texas. It was Bridges's performance of 'Coming Home' that caught the attention of Block and Jenkins. Bridges worked on his first few tracks with Jenkins and Block as producers. They were recording an album with vintage equipment, using an artist with an authentic, old sound."
NPR: First Listen: Leon Bridges, 'Coming Home' (Video)
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