Monday, June 8

Jane Freilicher (1924-2014)

Studio on Long Island
"This week brought the very sad news that the artist Jane Freilicher has passed away at the age of 90. Freilicher was, of course, a major, founding figure at the heart of the New York School, who was central to the movement and community from its very beginnings in the early 1950s right down to the present. Some fine obituaries and appreciations have already appeared — in the New York Times and in ARTNews, among others — and I’m sure more are to come. Freilicher’s importance to the poets and aesthetics of the New York School is too great and extensive to encapsulate in a blog post. But I do want to note how often the word 'muse' comes up in discussions of Freilicher and New York School poetry. ..."
Locus Solus: The New York School of Poets
From the A.i.A. Archive: John Ashbery on Jane Freilicher (May-June 1975)
Painting the Hamptons
Jane Freilicher, Painter and Confidant of the New York School, Dies at 90

2014 February: Jane Freilicher