Friday, June 26

Hugh Mundell & Augustus Pablo - Jah Will Provide + Hungry (Dub Version)

"... What is perhaps most notable about 'Jah Will Provide' is the performance, both lyrically and vocally, that Augustus Pablo coaxes out of a 16 year old Mundell, who brings the word, sound, and power of an old soul to the session. It is clearly evident that this song and performance are divinely inspired because it does not seem possible that such an inspired recording could come solely from the mind, heart, and soul of a 16 year old youth. But hey, that’s Pablo’s gift, right? Bringing inspired music out of talented, yet unexperienced youths. Just look what he was able to do with Jacob Miller, another young man who wrote and performed on a higher plane."
Midnigh Traver Blog (Video)
YouTube: Jah Will Provide + Hungry (Dub Version)

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