Saturday, June 27

David Behrman - Wave Train

"From the Italian avant-garde reissue specialists Alga Marghen comes this early experimental recording from American composer David Behrman, all of which was previously unreleased. A collection of works recorded between 1959 and 1968 with members of his Sonic Arts Union performing on many of the tracks, big names in avant-garde -- Gordon Mumma, Robert Ashley, and Alvin Lucier -- all contribute to the realization of these astonishing early electronic works. Renowned pianist David Tudor and new-music percussion extraordinaire Cristoph Caskel appear on the 1959 recording 'Canons,' an exquisite short piece that begs the question why this material was never available earlier. A 12-page color booklet accompanies the CD with photographs of the performers and instruments that created this futuristic wonder-world of electronic compositions. An important archival discovery from the American avant-garde."
Smithsonian: If Clouds Could Make Music, What Would it Sound Like?
vimeo: Grove, Cloud Music (excerpts)
YouTube: Installation of "Cloud Music"

2010 October: Roulette TV: David Behrman, 2012 January: The Siren Orchestra, 2014 May: On the Other Ocean/Figure in a Clearing (1977).