Sunday, May 10

Yes - Pet Shop Boys (2009)

"Some bands, as they age, turn into hacks, banging out songs that mean nothing to them; some lose it by becoming dilettantes, groping at modish styles they don't understand. But it takes a master ironist to fall into mediocrity by embracing sincerity and scoffing at dancefloor trends-- and Pet Shop Boys' frontman Neil Tennant has built his career out of being a master ironist. That, it turns out, is why the band's 10th studio album is such a disappointment. On its surface, Yes isn't a significant departure from the style of the PSBs' better records--the same highbrow witticisms ('Love etc' is probably the first U.K. chart single to namedrop artist Gerhard Richter), the same lavish arrangements, Tennant's soft little voice cutting through the beats. It allegedly features the duo's longtime collaborator Johnny Marr playing on a few tracks, although most of the guitar parts are bland as paste or all but inaudible or both."
W - Yes
YouTube: Yes (Full Album) [2009]