Thursday, May 14

John Ashbery Created Spaces: A Dream Of This Room

Chelsea: A collection of early 19th-century French puzzle-plates represent tension between the language of image and the language of words. Living room.
"When Micaela Morrisette first mentioned the idea of a Created Spaces symposium on John Ashbery’s domestic environments, I was elated. I had recently composed a verbo-visual presentation concerning the untitled poem by Ashbery that graces a magnificent, Siah Armajani-designed bridge at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis (a presentation I have been privileged to give in several cities around the country, and to publish in a slightly abridged textual form in the fine literary magazine jubilat). Working on this talk gave me the welcome excuse to re-read John Ashbery’s amazing body of work, and to discover in it a finely-tuned exaltation of spatiality I hadn’t quite noticed before—an important, self-regulating corrective to the temptation some readers may have to view the work as too 'abstract.' ..."
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