Tuesday, May 26

How Things Break

"Sonny Liston landed on canvas below Muhammad Ali’s feet on May 25, 1965, and Neil Leifer snapped a photo. Afterward, several events unspooled. The photo languished unlauded—before it was (much later) recognized as one of the greatest sports photos of all time; Ali became the most hated figure in American sports—before he was (much later) named 'The Sportsman of the Century'; and Liston was subjected to intense scrutiny—before (not much later) he fizzled into a mostly forgotten footnote. Like many sports fans, I’d glimpsed this picture for years—in random Ali articles, atop 'best of' listseven on T-shirts—but it wasn’t until doing my own research, excavating layers, that I discovered its most astounding attribute. Everything you’d initially imagine about the image is wrong. ..."
Slate (Video)
NY Times: The Night the Ali-Liston Fight Came to Lewiston (Video)