Tuesday, May 26

D.J. Rich Medina

"Please welcome Rich Medina, a D.J. , a poet, music producer and an amazing music collector. Q: What was your first record album? How did you get it? At what age? Can you describe that feeling and do you still have it in your collection? A: Believe it or not, the first record I bought with 'my own money' was a copy of the KISS 'Alive' Concert LP. I bought it at Crazy Eddie’s in Eatontown NJ, after making some chore money. It was 1980, and I was growing more and more into rock and roll, aside from actively participating in the complete spectrum of hip-hop culture. ... Q: Why vinyl? A: Vinyl is the origin of my personal love for music, aside from 8 track tape, my grandparent’s church, piano lessons, and 70’s radio. I was simply born during a time where these were the primary consumer mediums for music, so I really don’t know any better. I am not so much of a purist that I have bad thoughts or words for other mediums though. ..."
Dust and Grooves (Video)
D.J. Rich Medina (Video)
vimeo: Art of Turntables - Rich Medina Set Snippet II, All Rights Reserved
YouTube: D.J. Rich Medina, Rich Medina - Too Much feat. Martin Luther