Thursday, May 21

Crosscut Saw

Wikipedia - "'Crosscut Saw', or 'Cross Cut Saw Blues' as it was first called, is a bawdy blues song 'that must have belonged to the general repertoire of the Delta blues'. The song was first released in 1941 by Mississippi bluesman Tommy McClennan and has since been interpreted by many blues artists. 'Crosscut Saw' became an early R&B chart hit for Albert King, 'who made it one of the necessary pieces of modern blues'. Tommy McClennan's 'Cross Cut Saw Blues' is a Delta-style blues, which McClennan sings and plays acoustic guitar with an unknown player providing imitation bass accompaniment. The lyrics are rife with double-entendre:
Now, I'm a cross cut saw, drag me 'cross yo' log
I'm a cross cut saw, and drag me across yo' log
Babe, I'll cut yo' wood so easy, you can't help say 'hot dog'
The song follows the classic twelve-bar blues progression, contrary to Big Bill Broonzy's characterization of McClennan's timing as 'change from E to A to B when you feel like changing. Any time will do. Just close your eyes.'"
YouTube: "Cross Cut Saw Blues" - Tommy McClennan, Albert King - Crosscut Saw