Sunday, May 31

BSA Images Of The Week 05.31.15

Maupal painted the map of a fictional town on a Wall in Rome.
"... Maupal created this fictional town on wall in Rome this month, and here he gives you a tour: 'As you can see from the picture, in #soulcity, life is depicted as it is a small city surrounded by 'the river of death' (il fiume della morte ). To enter the burg, you have to pass though the only one entrance of the town, the Arco della nascita, 'the Arc of birth' signed by an arrow. The Muro del parto ('the offstring-wall') divides what is life from what is not. From the moment when one comes to the world, there is only a single one way road that he/she can take, the Boulevard of Childhood (viale dell’Infanzia). From that point onwards, everybody can choose their own path to follow from several routes available.' ..."
Brooklyn Street Art