Monday, May 11

BSA Film Friday: 05.08.15

EL MAC on the US/Mexico border on BSA Film
"... El Paso X Juarez: Border Murals by El Mac. These sister cities that straddle the line between Texas and Chihuahua continue to highlight the tumult that exists along the southern border of the United States – a heady mix of commerce, severe economic disparity, xenophobia, racism, family love, dreams, violence, the drug trade, aspiration, honesty, hope, and corruption. In this first part of a series of videos highlighting the street artist / muralist El Mac, you get a taste of the the caustic militarized state of this zona and what it may feel like to live in it or pass through it." 1. Shepard Fairey: OBEY This Film 2. El Paso X Juarez: Border Murals by El Mac 3. Paint PHX 2015 4. DULK in Rome
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