Wednesday, May 27

Adger Cowans

Sun and Trees, 1959
"... Even taking a photograph, for me, it's about a feeling, not what I'm seeing. Not even so much what I conjure in my mind. Because those images are only in my mind until they become a reality in the so-called real world. So it is the thought, and then you get these images, and you think about them, and sometimes you don't even think about them, they just happen in your mind. You have an experience and then you get something happening in your mind. You get a feeling, you get a picture, you get an idea, you get a thought, and maybe it materializes and maybe it doesn't. And then you have thousands and thousands of thoughts every day. Some of them go right by, but some of them, the ones you have the strongest feeling about, you might take reaction to them. I try to start my day, every day, with my meditating. That's the first thing. I empty my mind, and that's really hard, because there's a lot there that you have to deal with. But I think just sitting quietly for an hour every morning before I make any moves about the day is best."
Adger Cowans
burgess fine arts collection