Saturday, May 2

50th Day of the Year - Fred Frith Trio

"Frith returns to his deep roots in this improvising trio with the classic lineup of guitar, bass and drums. Playful, intimate, and bound together by a dark and delicate interplay, the group reminds us what listening is all about. After a lifetime of experience across almost every field of musical endeavor, Fred stretches out in the company of two stalwarts of the vibrant Bay Area music scene, drummer Jordan Glenn and bassist Jason Hoopes. The trio is set to embark on its first European tour in mid-February 2015."
YouTube: Live @ Teatar &TD 19.2.2015. Zagreb (Croatia), Live at Schlachthof, Wels, Austria, 2015-03-01 01. Part01, 02. Part02, 03. Part03, 04. Part04, 2015 02 23 - Bolzano, Carambolage