Wednesday, April 1

Vermont Historical Society examines lasting impact of 1970s counterculture

Verandah Porche (standing and wearing glasses) is shown here with fellow members of the Total Loss Farm, a commune established in 1968 in Guilford, Vermont. Ray Mungo, Porche's college boyfriend and co-founder of the commune, is seated in the center.
"The Vermont Historical Society is collecting firsthand accounts, artifacts and documents from the back-to-the-land movement. The curators of the project will link the pivotal 1960s and 1970s cultural shift in Vermont’s history to the current political, economic and cultural climate of the state. ... The first phase of the project includes research, community forums, and the compilation of anecdotes, ideas, and artifacts. The historical society will produce 50 oral histories from the era and work with academics to interpret the material."
Vermont Historical Society
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Vermont Hippies! Photographs by Peter Simon and Rebecca Lepkoff at the Vermont Center for Photography, Brattleboro, VT