Saturday, April 25

New Christo Work to Temporarily Bridge Italy’s Lake Iseo

"ROME – One of Italy’s lesser-known lakes (without American movie stars to stalk) is likely to become considerably more famous after the wrap artist Christo has his way with it. For just over two weeks, in June 2016, floating walkways lined with bright yellow fabric will create a walkway around Lake Iseo, in the Lombardy region, joining the mainland to the lake islands.The fabric will continue on pedestrian streets in two mainland towns. Visitors will be able to walk on the work, atop some 200,000 fabric-lined floatable cubes stretching for almost two miles, but it was also designed to be seen from the mountains above. Titled 'The Floating Piers,' the project was presented by Christo and the Italian art critic and curator Germano Celant in Rome on Wednesday."
NY Times
Wrapped Fountain and Wrapped - Medieval Tower. Spoleto, Italy 1968
Wrapped Monuments. Milano, Italy 1970
The Wall - Wrapped Roman Wall. Via Veneto and Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy. 1973-74

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