Sunday, April 12

L'argot Du Bruit - Pascal Comelade (1998)

"By 1998, France's Pascal Comelade was well into his stride, and releasing albums as if they were editions of a regular magazine. Indeed, the magazine comparison is also valid on the basis that his albums tend to follow a similar pattern with only subtle variances in style. His first album of this year was L'argot Du Bruit; I believe a rough translation is 'The jargon of noise'. Comelade's listing on this site under the wing of 'Progressive electronic' is somewhat misleading, as his albums are most certainly not synthesiser-fests or keyboards infested virtuoso performances. The main sounds here, and indeed on many of Comelade's albums are French style accordions, Spanish brass and a variety children's instruments. The tracks tend to be short, sometimes very short, with only the occasional indulgence into anything over 4 minutes. The compositions are simple, using repetition a lot, their simplicity being emphasised by the instruments used and the basic arrangements. ..."
YouTube: Pascal Comelade & PJ Harvey. Love too soon, L'argot du bruit, Via-Crucis Del Rocanrol, Le soir du grand soir, Domisiladoré, Marie = un faux-cil dans la transmission, Teresa

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