Thursday, April 16

By The El: Third Avenue and its El at Mid-Century

Uptown express leaving 23rd Street
"... His photographs form such a rich and rare archive of mid-century street life, transportation and building that his son Lawrence was moved to catalogue the images and bring them to a wide public. The resulting book, By The El: Third Avenue and its El at Mid-Century, is now in its second printing and is available for purchase on Amazon, or at the New York Transit Museum or the Bronx County Historical Society. The combination of the elder Stelter’s photographs, the younger Stelter’s comprehensive knowledge of our transit history, and first-hand accounts of living by or traveling on the El provides either a nostalgic reminder for someone who experienced this nearly forgotten chapter of New York City’s history or a welcome introduction for someone who didn’t."
By The El: 3rd Avenue and its El at Mid-Century
Ten minute impressionistic documentary film Third Avenue El (Video - 1950)