Tuesday, March 17

Winter Birdwatching in Jersey City - John Dunstan

"My short film 'Winter Birdwatching in Jersey City' has been selected for the Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey City, Wildlife Vaasa in Finland and Village Docs in Milan. ... A film I am very much looking forward to about the plight of bees and the fascinating people involved with them in Weehawken, New York, Colarado and across the country. My short film, around 17 mins should be an eye opener for many area residents, touching on the unprecedented Snowy Owl irruption of this past winter, hawks, falcons, over wintering herons, Raven Snowy Owl interaction all in the most unlikely of environments and on the big screen, this is not your modern multiplex, a real movie palace, admission is a reasonable 10 dollars, a family friendly program."
vimeo: "Winter Birdwatching in Jersey City"