Friday, March 13

‘Remote New York,’ a Tour From Brooklyn to Greenwich Village

"On a rainy afternoon this week, passers-by may have paused to wonder about a headphone-wearing group assembled in front of a guardhouse at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, staring at a nondescript commercial strip outside the gates before suddenly bursting into applause. They weren’t mourners, but both actors, after a fashion, and audience for 'Remote New York,' a 'pedestrian-based live art experience' that, starting on Saturday, will take 50 people (the script calls them a 'horde') per performance along a carefully planned route that wends, on foot and by subway, from Brooklyn to Greenwich Village. 'It’s a kind of invisible architecture,' Stefan Kaegi, part of the German-based arts collective Rimini Protokoll and the piece’s creator, said in a post-rehearsal interview. 'We’re setting up a precise geographical structure, like a tunnel through the city that nobody sees.' ...”
NY Times
NYU Skirball