Monday, March 2

Rare Early ’70s Sun Ra and June Tyson Recording I Roam The Cosmos Presented As 24-Bit iTunes Release

"... Known for their acceptance of avant-garde forms in jazz and beyond, it was in 1966 and 1967 that the Sun Ra Arkestra would become residents at the club, playing every Monday and coming back a handful of times after their residency had ended. 1972 was the year Slug’s would end and it’s a great historical document to get an unreleased Ra recording from this venue and the year they closed operations. This set deviated from the main system of live shows Sun Ra was giving to the world in the early ’70s, showcasing June Tyson and Ra in a cosmo-drama call and response performance for the entire concert. More of a play, the Arkestra is backing the two in their vocal voyage and considering the wealth of live and studio material from Sun Ra available to the public, it’s beautiful to experience brand new music from the mysterious creator with such clarity and quality."
Sound Colour Vibration
YouTube: I Roam The Cosmos 51:18