Friday, March 20

Portfolio: Twenty-one Dresses

"A number of years ago, a young painting conservator entered a forgotten storeroom in a fifteenth-century Florentine villa and stumbled on a pile of Louis Vuitton steamer trunks. She opened them and discovered a collection of exquisite dresses, the kind usually seen only in movies, or inside protective vitrines in museums. Closer inspection revealed silk labels, hand-woven with the name 'Callot Soeurs.' In the second volume of 'Remembrance of Things Past,' the Narrator asks his beloved, Albertine, 'Is there a vast difference between a Callot dress and one from any ordinary shop?' Her response: 'Why, an enormous difference, my little man!'"
New Yorker
W - Callot Soeurs
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art
House of Callot Soeurs
A Leading Fashion House: The Callot Sisters