Wednesday, March 25

Marianne Faithfull - Give My Love to London (2014)

"Though there is no musical resemblance, the title track of Marianne Faithfull's Give My Love to London looks back at her brilliant reading of Kurt Weill's and Bertolt Brecht's 'Pirate Jenny' on her 20th Century Blues album from 1997, and even mentions her by name. ... The intimate yet dramatic sadness in this reading completes a series of bridge constructions from the eras in Faithfull's musical past to her present. Thus, Give My Love to London is as complete a portrait of the artist -- at least from the late '70s on -- as we've ever had. In total, it reveals no abatement in her creative renaissance."
W - Give My Love to London
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YouTube: Give My Love To London, Love More Or Less, Late Victorian Holocaust, Sparrows Will Sing, True Lies, The Price of Love, Deep Water

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