Thursday, March 19

Helter Skelter (1992)

Wikipedia - "Helter Skelter is a 1992 rock opera by Fred Frith and François-Michel Pesenti. It was their first collaborative album and was recorded in Marseille, France in February 1992. The music was composed by Frith, with libretto by Pesenti, and was conducted by Frith and Jean-Marc Montera. Frith does not perform on this album. In 1990, English multi-instrumentalist, composer and improvisor Fred Frith spent six months in Marseille, France working with Que d'la Gueule, a group of young unemployed rock musicians. He composed Helter Skelter for them to perform, a rock opera for two sopranos, one contralto and a large electric ensemble. Their style of playing and abilities varied considerably, but Frith found that this was what contributed to the success of the project."
YouTube: Fred Frith & Que D'La Gueule - Berlin Jazz Festival, 1992 58:58