Sunday, March 8

Delta 5

Wikipedia - "Delta 5 were a post-punk band from Leeds, England. The original members of Delta 5, Julz Sale (vocals/guitar), Ros Allen (bass) and Bethan Peters (bass), formed the band 'on a lark', but soon became a part of the thriving Leeds post-punk scene, and later added Kelvin Knight on drums and Alan Riggs on guitar. Combining feminist politics with a two-bass funk-punk sound (much in the style of another, more famous Leeds band, Gang of Four), they released their debut single in 1979, 'Mind Your Own Business'. ... Delta 5 were also important figures in the Rock Against Racism movement, and were the subject of a highly publicized assault at the hands of a right-wing group affiliated with rival movement Rock Against Communism."
Perfect Sound Forever
YouTube: Anticipation, Mind Your Own Business, You, Now That You've Gone, Journey, Shadow, Train song (BBC radio session) 1981, Make Up (John Peel Session), Triangle (John Peel Session)
Live Berkeley Square 9:27:80 47:35