Monday, March 30

Bazm and Razm: Feast and Fight in Persian Art

Details from two folios from the Shahnama of Shah Tahmasp. Iran, Safavid period, ca. 1525–30.
"For centuries, Persian kingship was epitomized by two complementary pursuits: bazm (feast) and razm (fight). The ruler’s success as both a reveler and hunter/warrior distinguished him as a worthy and legitimate sovereign. The pairing of bazm and razm as the ultimate royal activities is an ancient concept with roots in pre-Islamic Iran. It is a recurring theme in the Shahnama (or Book of Kings)—the Persian national epic—as well as other poetic and historic texts. The exhibition Bazm and Razm: Feast and Fight in Persian Art, which opened February 17 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, features some three dozen works in various media, created between the 15th century and the present day."
Metropolitan Museum of Art
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