Monday, February 9

Inside the Dial Tone-Inspired Sound Art Exhibits of Aura Satz

Sketch for 'Dial Tone Operator', 2014
"The dial tone, that curious electronic sound of latent communication, is the subject of two ongoing telephonic sound art pieces by Aura Satz. The first piece is currently showing at the Hayward Gallery's Mirrorcity exihibition, which features work by London-based artists who are influenced by sci-fi, new speculative philosophies, and the internet age. Satz's installation is called Dial Tone Operator (listen to an excerpt here) and explores the dial tone as "spatialized binaural music" while referencing the time back in the 1950s when female telephone operators were replaced by this expectant signal. ..."
the creators project (Video)
Listen: Dial Tone Drone with Pauline Oliveros, Laurie Spiegel, Aura Satz (Video)
DIAL TONE OPERATOR & DIAL TONE DRONE: Sound Installation & Telephone Composition