Monday, January 5

Mitra Tabrizian

Wikipedia - "Mitra Tabrizian is a British-Iranian photographer and film director. She is also a professor of photography at the University of Westminster, London, England. Born in Tehran, Iran, Tabrizian studied at the Polytechnic of Central London in the 1980s. Tabrizian published her first monograph, Correct Distance, in 1990. Her photographic book Beyond the Limits, published in 2004, is a critique of corporate culture and is inspired by the works of Jean Baudrillard and Jean-François Lyotard. Her films include Journey of No Return (1993), The Third Woman (1991), and ‘'The Predator'’ (2004). Tabrizian has exhibited her work at the Tate, Modern Art Oxford, Gallery Lelong, New York, the Architectural Association, London, and numerous film festivals."
Mitra Tabrizian
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