Wednesday, January 14

Henri Michaux

"Born in Belgium in 1899, Henri Michaux was educated at a Jesuit school in Brussels. He contemplated entering the priesthood then enrolled in medical school before abandoning his studies and becoming a merchant seaman. His voyages inspired two travelogues on Ecuador and Asia. He settled in Paris, where he began to write and paint. His work drew praise from several writers, including André Gide. In 1948, Michaux's wife died after accidentally setting fire to her nightgown: devastated, he began to take mescaline, painstakingly recording his experiences in text accompanied by distinctive calligraphic line drawings. Henri Michaux published three books between 1956 and 1959 dealing with his experiences with mescaline - Miserable Miracle, L'infini turbulent and Paix dans les brisements. He also confronted us with a disturbing series of sketches - most of them in black and white, and a few in colour - executed shortly after each of his experiences. ..."
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