Sunday, January 4

George Bellows paints the raw New York winter

Snow Dumpers, 1911
"Realist painter and longtime East 19th Street resident George Bellows is best known for his bold views of amateur boxers as well as the grittiness of urban life in the early 20th century. He painted scenes showing every season. But there’s something about his depictions of New York beneath cold gray skies, covered in snow, or surrounded by ice that captures the city’s abrasive, isolating winters. ... Snow Dumpers, painted in 1911, shows us overcoat-clad city workers and snorting horses tasked with carrying loads of snow from Manhattan streets to be dumped into the choked-with-traffic East River. The skies over the river and Brooklyn Bridge look gray and frigid, and the snow has streaks of blue."
Ephemeral New York