Tuesday, January 27

Crunchy, organized by Gregory Linn and Clayton Press

"As an adjective, 'crunchy' typically connotes a hard texture and/or a crisp, loud sound when something is bitten, or chewed. 'Soggy,' 'crunchy’s' antonym, connotes wet, usually soft, and heavily dull. According to the late economic journalist, Nico Colchester, 'Crunchy systems are those in which small changes have big effects leaving those affected by them in no doubt whether they are up or down, rich or broke, winning or losing, dead or alive… (while) Sogginess is comfortable uncertainty.' For this show, the organizers, – Clayton Press and Gregory Linn, – relied upon Colchester’s concept of 'crunchiness' as a point of departure to challenge common expectations about how paintings are made and what they convey. ..."
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Paris Review: Crunchy Systems