Friday, November 28

Theory of Evolution: Bonobo interviewed

"... The truth is, Bonobo’s music luxuriates in detail and betrays a deep-rooted love of sound, texture and atmosphere, whether it be of unusual or mundane provenance doesn’t matter. Green’s organic rise, rural background and lush, emotive productions are, in their own quiet way, revolutionary in a mainstream musical landscape in thrall to instant gratification, buzz cycles and click-friendly spin. For it is unquestionably the mainstream which, in typical Bonobo-style, is both a part of and, somehow, apart from."
Electronic Beats (Video)
Electronic Beats: Bonobo (Video)
YouTube: Full Performance (Live on KEXP), Bonobo Boiler Room DJ Set, Bonobo 50 min Boiler Room DJ set, Black Sands, Days to Come, Silver, Recurring, Bonobo - Nicolas Jaar - Chet Faker 1:51 hour Set, Solid Steel (It Came From The Sea-Mixed By Bonobo)1:00:03, Sweetness [FULL ALBUM] 1:12:47