Sunday, November 2

Raunchy and Revered: Zap Comix, Now in a Coffee Table Boxed Set

"The cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez still recalls vividly the first time he saw Zap Comix as a boy. It was issue No. 2, and it oozed with druggy phantasmagorias, sex, over-the-top violence, sex, demons and, yes, sex. It was funny, too, 52 pages of, as the cover promised, 'Gags, jokes, kozmic trooths' — all for 50 cents. ... And while it never really went away — the most recent issue came out in 2004 — Zap, born in late 1967 in the fever dreams of R. Crumb, is emphatically back in a big way. Fantagraphics Books of Seattle in November is publishing “The Complete Zap,” a strikingly designed $500 hardcover boxed set of more than 1,100 pages. Not bad for a black-and-white comic book series whose first issue cost a quarter in 1968."
NY Times
amazon: The Complete Zap Comix Boxed Set