Sunday, November 16

Pascal Comelade - El pianista del antifaz (2013)

"This page is not the embryo of a site dedicated to Pascal Comelade. It is just intended as a help, so as not to get lost in Pascal Comelade's plethorical and cosmopolitan record production. As for the 20th century, Pascal Comelade has done the task himself, in a magnificent manner, by publishing (in French) his 'Ecrits monophoniques submergés' in december 1999."
the lucidly hoptimistic fanzine
YouTube: El Pianista Del Antifaz, The Skatalan Logicofobism (Live), Sardana Mecanica, I Scream Ice Cream, Ze Crypto-Situ Cow-Boy Rides Again, Friki Serenata, Portrait de l'Artiste avec des Lunettes pour voir les Femmes à Poil, El Bolero Del Raval

2014 June: Pascal Comelade, 2014 September: September Song (2000)