Friday, November 7

Interview with Jem Cohen

"Jem Cohen may be one of the quintessential New York Filmmakers of our era. Peerless in his knack for chronicling urban transformation (decay or otherwise), I was first exposed to Cohen’s work via his 2004 feature Chain – itself a narrative/documentary hybrid and product of Cohen’s contemplative 16mm shooting style, tracing and marking the aesthetic anonymities of America’s ever-proliferating malls and office buildings. It’s a tired trope that a good movie makes its setting as much a character as any flesh and blood actor, but Cohen’s body of work thrives on legitimate ongoing visual, scenographic testimony – a repeat encounter. ..."
The White Review (Video)
vimeo: Gravity Hill Newsreels

2014 January: Jem Cohen, 2014 June: Museum Hours (2012).