Saturday, November 1

Gustave Courbet - The Artist's Studio (1854 and 1855)

The Artist's Studio (1855)
"The enormous Studio is without doubt Courbet's most mysterious composition. However, he provides several clues to its interpretation: 'It's the whole world coming to me to be painted', he declared, 'on the right, all the shareholders, by that I mean friends, fellow workers, art lovers. On the left is the other world of everyday life, the masses, wretchedness, poverty, wealth, the exploited and the exploiters, people who make a living from death'. ... The critic Champfleury is seated on a stool, while Baudelaire is absorbed in a book. The couple in the foreground personify art lovers, and near the window, two lovers represent free love."
Musée d'Orsay
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