Saturday, November 29

Defaced/refaced books: The erasure practices of Jen Bervin and Mary Ruefle

Mary Ruefle
"... Hand-stamped, letter-pressed, spray-painted, ripped, sewn, and covered in tinfoil; poems shaped like boxes, poems printed on records, poems made into pop-ups or puzzles, or rolled as cigarettes — I even spotted a tiny book hidden inside a plastic egg. The small presses occupying real estate at the AWP book fair represent a fraction of the artistic output that marks what can be seen as a resurgence of the handmade book and the book as art object in contemporary poetry practice. The exciting variety of these book-object wares suggests a vital world of poetry, visual art, bookmaking, and communal production. In these composed book-works, techniques of production, including design, collaboration, and distribution, are part of the poem. The paper, binding, page sequence, gutter, and cover all contribute to our understanding and experience of the poetic text."
Granary Books: The Desert by Jen Bervin
Wave Books: A Little White Shadow By Mary Ruefle
W - Mary Ruefle
Mary Ruefle
Jen Bervin